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Enjoy the benefits of a healthy, elevated workspace at a price you can afford. Includes polished aluminum lap shield.


Stand Smarter!  The ActivStand Chairtop Desk delivers a healthy, elevated workspace without the high cost or space requirements of traditional standing desks. Compatible with nearly all standard office chairs. Compact, lightweight, portable.

🇺🇸 Durable, weighted nylon base with high grip surfaces. Polished aluminum plate. Designed and assembled in USA.

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Simple – ActivStand works with your existing chair to create a stable, level work surface. Deploys in seconds. Non-slip surface and patent-pending counterweight design keep it rock steady while you work. Height adjustable depending on your office chair features.

Multifunctional – Provides a simple, affordable standup solution for home or office. Also the perfect way to elevate a laptop or tablet during fitness workouts. Work surface doubles as a lap desk to block device heat. Convenient pocket holds smartphone nearby so you can stay connected and jam out while you work.

Portable – Easy to store under your desk, in a drawer,  or in a backpack. Weighs just 3.25 pounds including work surface. Bring ActivStand on your next trip and guarantee a healthy space wherever you go.  

Meets all TSA requirements for air travel. Easily removable weighted plates ensure no security delays. 

  • Weighted Non-slip Base

  • Polished Aluminum Alloy Platform

  • Complete Instructions

  • Base: 4.5 x 4.5 x 6 x 15 in (wedge shape)

  • Work Surface:  Aluminum alloy. Polished edges. 15.5 x 10 x 0.08 in

  • Compatibility: Suitable for any standard chair with a straight or gently sloping top edge including task and executive chairs. Not compatible with narrow headrests. Handles even older, heavier laptops up to 5 lbs.

  • Weighted Plates (2):  Provide counterweight. Removable, stored in zipper pocket. Steel, rounded corners. 0.75 lbs each. 

  • Product Weight: 3.25 pounds

30-Day No Hassle Guarantee

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1. What is ActivStand?

ActivStand is a totally new type of standing desk designed for tight work spaces. There are generally two types of traditional standing desks on the market today: a full-size standalone desk and a tabletop style known as a converter. Both are big and bulky and require you to redesign your workspace to fit. And both can easily cost $100 or more. We believe standing more and sitting less should be a healthy option available for everyone. That’s why we made ActivStand simple, compact and affordable. We know you’ll love it!

2. How does it work?

The ActivStand base is wedge-shaped with a weighted flap hanging off the back. When placed over the top of a chair the wedge creates a level surface. The aluminum alloy work surface sits on top and then your laptop rests on top of that. The weighted flap counterbalances the weight of the laptop. Also, the surfaces of the wedge and the flap are treated with a premium non-slip material to keep everything in place. All these elements combine to create an extremely stable and level surface that is a joy to work on. 

In case you missed it, check out our demo video on YouTube.

3. Will it work with my chair?

ActivStand is designed to be “nearly” universal. As long as your chair has a relatively  horizontal or gently sloping top edge, our product will work for you. This includes most standard office chairs and executive chairs. Chairs with narrow headrests (less than 12 inches wide) are not compatible.

We offer a 30-day no hassle guarantee if things don’t work out. 

4. Any tips for using it?

#1 TIP: After placing your laptop on top of the work surface, slide your device back towards you so the majority of the laptop’s weight is supported by the chair frame, not the wedge. The best way we’ve found is to position the center line of your laptop keyboard directly over the back of the chair. This creates a solid foundation and provides the best support while typing. 

#2 TIP: Although designed mostly for touchpad users, we’ve found if you scooch your laptop over just a bit, there may be enough room for a wired mouse depending on which side you plug it in.

#3 TIP: If you hang the work surface on one finger and let it swing freely, you can produce some pretty chill “gong sounds” by tapping the surface with your other finger or another solid object. Namaste. 


Need just the top piece? 

Polished aluminum alloy is perfect as a lightweight lapdesk to block the heat. Large cutaway for easy handling plus silicone non-slip strips. Space grey color and sassy smooth edges give it a sophisticated look. 

Ultra-thin. Weighs just 1 pound.


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